Trademark Law

Trademark Law & Consumer Safety

David A. Simon

Abstract Trademark law protects consumers and mark owners againsteconomic harm. When consumers are confused about the source of agood or service, this increases consumer search costs or imposesreputational costs on trademark owners. But what happens when apharmacist, confused by two similar drug names, accidentally prescribesestrogen instead of an antidepressant? Trademark law, in such cases, hasadapted […]

Deven R. Desai, From Trademarks to Brands

The business world has moved from using trademarks—simple symbols identifying products—to brands—rich symbols that feed business strategy. At the same time, networked and empowered consumers are using brands, brand language, and branding strategies to make decisions about what they purchase, express preferences about how corporations conduct their business, and call for changes in corporate practices. […]