Foreign Territorial Sea-zures: Article I Supports the Application of the Maritime Drug Law Enforcement Act to Drug Trafficking within Foreign Territorial Seas

Ryan R. Babb

Abstract Maritime drug trafficking poses a serious threat to the security and societal well-being of the United States. As one of the largest consumers of foreign-cultivated illicit drugs, the United States serves as a lucrative market for international drug trafficking organizations. Exploiting this insatiable demand, drug traffickers often use maritime routes in the Eastern Pacific […]

David R. Maass, If it Looks Like a Vessel: the Supreme Court's "Reasonable Observer" Test for Vessel Status

What is a vessel? In maritime law, important rights and duties turn on whether something is a vessel. For example, the owner of a vessel can limit his liability for damages caused by the vessel under the Limitation of Shipowners’ Liability Act, and an injured seaman who is a member of the crew of a […]