Volume 68 • March 2016 • Number 2

We are currently finishing publication on Volume 68, Issues 3, 4, 5, and 6 (May, July, September, and November 2016). These will be available on our website soon. We are currently wrapping up editing on Volume 69, Issues 1 and 2 (January and March 2017). Thanks for your interest in the Florida Law Review and for your patience as we catch up!

Volume 68, Number 2 (March 2016)


Adam Candeub, Privacy and Common Law Names: Sand in the Gears of Identification

David S. Olson, Removing The Troll From The Thicket: The Case For Enhancing Patent Maintenance Fees In Relation To The Size of A Patent Owner’s Patent Portfolio

Saurabh Vishnubhakat, An Intentional Tort Theory of Patents


Herbert Hovenkamp, Antitrust and Information Technologies


Trace H. Jackson, Can Jailbreaking Put You In Jail, Broke?

Jeanette M. Roorda, Patents, Hidden Novelty, And Food Safety

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