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Michael J. Graetz, Taxes that Work: A Simple American Plan

58 Fla. L. Rev. 1043 (2006) | | | | INTRODUCTION :: In November 2005, the President’s Advisory Panel on Tax Reform, appointed by President Bush to suggest options for reforming and simplifying the federal tax code, unanimously recommended two alternative plans: a “simplified income tax” (SIT) and a “growth and investment tax” (GIT). The […]

Laurie Reynolds, Taxes, Fees, Assessments, Dues, And The "Get What You Pay for" Model of Local Government

56 Fla. L. Rev. 373 (2004) | | | | INTRODUCTION :: The economic gap between affluent suburbia and the central city has recently received widespread attention in the state and local government law literature. Articles by prominent scholars representing a broad range of doctrinal approaches have coalesced around a consensus that the current concentration […]