The Florida Law Review welcomes unsolicited manuscripts—including articles, essays, and book reviews—from authors. If you have questions, please contact our Executive Articles Editor Alejandra Alvarez, either directly or by sending an email to

1. Submission Dates. We accept submissions of manuscripts twice per year.

Fall 2019 submission period opening date: TBA

We cannot review submissions or expedite any reviews during the summer period (late April through July) or the winter period (early November through January).

2. Electronic Submission. The Florida Law Review does not accept paper submissions or email attachment submissions. We only accept submissions electronically through Scholastica.

3. Submission Length. The Florida Law Review strongly prefers manuscripts under 50 journal pages (approximately 25,000 words including footnotes). Authors who target the length of their submissions to meet this standard are more likely to be selected for publication than those who exceed it.

4. Submission Format. Please format your manuscript with double-spaced body text and footnotes rather than endnotes. Citations should conform to the 20th edition of The Bluebook.

5. Contributor Information. In addition to your manuscript, please provide a cover letter and curriculum vitae that include the following:

a. a short synopsis of your manuscript;
b. a return mailing address;
c. a telephone number;
d. an email address; and
e. a short list of your recently published scholarly work.

6. Submission Status. After completion of the review process, we will contact the author regarding the manuscript’s final status. Normally, we inform contributors of the status of their manuscript only at this time. As a matter of policy, we do not discuss the reasons for our publication decisions.

7. Requests for Expedited Review. The Florida Law Review carefully considers all manuscripts that we receive. If you require expedited review of your manuscript because you have a pending offer from another journal, please notify us through ExpressO. In addition, you may request expedited review by email or telephone (Executive Articles Editor: 352-273-0678). Please provide the following information: (1) the manuscript’s title, (2) the date when you need an answer, and (3) your email address and telephone number. Although we will make every effort to honor requests for an expedited review, we will not omit any stage of our review process.

8. Prior Publication of Submissions. Although we encourage contributors to concurrently submit their articles to multiple journals, we will not consider manuscripts that are published or under contract to be published in another journal. As a matter of policy, we consider manuscripts available on the internet or through other alternative media outlets as published.

Thank you for your interest in the Florida Law Review.