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Patrick R. Goold Intent in Patent Infringement Response to Saurabh Vishnubhakat, An Intentional Tort Theory of Patents In An Intentional Tort Theory of Patents, …

Florida Law Review Forum,

Fla. L. Rev. Forum

D. Daniel Sokol Responding to Antitrust and Information Response to Herbert Hovenkamp, Antitrust and Information Technology In his recent article, Antitrust and Information Technology, …

We are currently finishing publication on Volume 69, Issue 2 (March 2017), which will be available soon. We are also currently wrapping up editing on Volume 69, Issues 3 and 4 (May and July 2017).

Volume 69, Number 2 (March 2017)


Ryan Stoa, Marijauna Agriculture Law: Regulation at the Root of an Industry

Richard Cupp, Cognitively Impaired Humans, Intelligent Animals, and Legal Personhood

Michael Guttentag, Selective Disclosure and Insider Trading


Charles Yablon, Byte Markes: Making Sense of New F.R.C.P. 37(e)

Jeff Lingwall & Christopher Wray, Fraudulent Aggregation: The Effect of Daimler and Walden on Mass Litigation


Justin Senior, Rational Basis is the Only Rational Solution: Resolving Foreign Commerce Clause Confusion

Andrew Fuller, “A Procedural Nightmare”: Dueling Courts and the Application of the First-Filed Rule

Volume 69, Number 3 (May 2017)


Kevin Werbach, The Song Remains the Same: What Cyberlaw Might Teach the Next Judicial Economy

Jonathan Mills, Privacy, Mass Intrusion and the Modern Data Breach

I. Bennett Capers, Policing, Technology, and Doctrinal Assists

John P. Gross, Fixing Bail

Adam Lamparello, Contextualizing the Free Exercise of Religion


Jared Burns, Breach of Faith: A Lack of Policy for Responding to Data Breaches and What the Government Should Do About It?

Laura Liles, For Whom the Statute Tolls? Not Even the Sacred Heart: Florida Class Action Jurisdiction and the Need for Savings Statute to Toll the Limitations Period

Volume 69, Number 4 (July 2017)


James Liebman, Elizabeth Cruikshank, & Christina Ma, Governance of Steel and Kryptonite Politics in Contemporary Public Education Reform

S.I. Strong, Congress and Commercial Trusts: Dealing with Diversity Jurisdiction Post-Americold

Mary Holper, Redefining “Particularly Serious Crimes” in Refugee Law


Xuan-Thau Nguyen, Zombie Patents


Rosemarie Parasole, The Epidemic of Higher Levels of Depression and Anxiety in Each Successive Generation of Youth: Proposed Clauses, Detrimental Effects, and the Introduction of Positive Psychology in the Classroom


Anthony Kakoyannis, Assessing the Viability of Implicit Bias Evidence in Discrimination Cases: An Analysis of the Most Significant Federal Cases