Volume 71, Number 1 (January 2019)


Elizabeth Cooper, The Appearance of Professionalism

Michael Abramowicz, Tax Experimentation

James Henderson, Jr., Civil Liability for Encouraging Bad Behavior: From Cheering at a Gang Rape to Promoting Opioid Abuse

William Araiza, Animus and Its Discontent


Victor Palacios Rivera, What If Artificial Intelligence Wrote This? Artificial Intelligence and Copyright Law


Volume 71, Number 2 (March 2019)


Pamela Samuelson, Staking the Boundaries of Software Copyrights in the Shadow of Patents

Camilla Hrdy, Intellectual Property and the End of Work

Michael Rustad & Thomas Koenig, Towards a Global Data Privacy Standard

Herbert Hovenkamp, Regulation and the Marginalist Revolution

Lea Johnston, Reconceptualizing Criminal Justice Reform for Offenders with Serious Mental Illness


Aaron Badida, Positive Rights: The New York “Baby Aids Bill” as State-Created Danger

Kaley Jaslow, Life in Jail for Misbehavior: Criminal Contempt And The Consequence of Improper Classification


Volume 71, Number 3 (May 2019)


Jessica Owley & Jess Phelps, Etched in Stone: Historic Preservation Law and Confederate Monuments

Joan Steinman, Waiving Removal, Waiving Remand – The Hidden and Unequal Dangers of Participating in Litigation

Yael Cannon, The Kids are Not Alright: Leveraging Existing Health Law to Attack the Opioid Crisis Upstream

Lisa Martin, No Right to Counsel, No Access Without: The Poor Child’s Unconstitutional Catch-22


Andrew Goring, Forgotten But Not Forgiven: Remedies for Student Loan Debtors in Public Service