Nancy E. Dowd & Teresa Drake – Introduction: Early Childhood Symposium

Margaret Beale Spencer – Developmental and Intersectional Insights About Diverse Children’s Identity (Plenary Speech)

Barbara Bennett Woodhouse – Advocating for Every Child’s Right to a Fair Start: The Key Roles of Comparative and International Law

Laura A. Rosenbury – Toward a New Law of Early Childhood?

Maxine Eichner – The Free-Market Family and Children’s Caretaking

Patricia Snyder & Maureen Conroy – Core Constructs in Federal Statutes for Young Children With or At Risk for Disabilities and Their Families: Implications for Comprehensive Early Childhood Policies and Systems

Clare Huntington – A Promising Start for Early Childhood Development and the Law

Nancy Dowd – Radical ACEs: Building Resilience and Triggering Structural Change

Shani M. King, Hannah Ayasse, Alyssa Mikytuck, Rachel F. Barr, Jennifer F. Woolard, & Terry Harrak – The Intersection of Juvenile Justice and Early Childhood: How to Maximize Family Engagement

Daniel L. Hatcher – Stop Foster Care Agencies From Taking Children’s Resources

Scott A. Rivkees – Protecting the First 1000 Days of a Child’s Life and the 280 Days Before

Joanna L. Grossman – The Seeds of Early Childhood

Susan Nittrouer – Ending the Lottery

Jodi Siegel, Chelsea Dunn, Carolyn Carter, & Rachel Coleman – Benefits of Pediatric Medical-Legal Partnerships

Katharine Silbaugh – Environmental Determinism: Functional Egalitarian Spaces Promote Functional Egalitarian Practices

June Carbone – The Fight to Expand Education—Two Centuries Apart