Volume 69, Number 3 (May 2017)


Adam Lamparello, Contextualizing the Free Exercise of Religion

Bennett Capers, Policing, Technology, and Doctrinal Assists

Jon L. Mills & Kelsey Harclerode, Privacy, Mass Intrusion and the Modern Data Breach

John P. Gross, The Right To Counsel But Not The Presence of Counsel: A Survey of State Criminal Procedures For Pre-Trial Release

Kevin Werbach, The Song Remains the Same: What Cyberlaw Might Teach the Next Internet Economy


Jared Burns, Breach of Faith: A Lack of Policy for Responding to Data Breaches and What the Government Should Do About It

Laura Liles, For Whom the Statute Tolls? Not Even the Sacred Heart: Florida Class Action Jurisdiction and the Need for Savings Statute to Toll the Limitations Period