Volume 68, Number 6 (November 2016)


Hon. Barbara J. Pariente & F. James Robinson, Jr., A New Era for Judicial Retention Elections: The Rise of and Defense Against Unfair Political Attacks

Lucian E. Dervan, Richard A. Leo, Meghan J. Ryan, Valena E. Beety, Gregory M. Gilchrist, & William W. Berry, III, Voices on Innocence


Sam Kalen, Policing Federal Supremacy: Preemption and Common Law Damage Claims As a Ceiling Regulatory Floor

Blake Hudson, Relative Administrability, Conservatives, and Environmental Regulatory Reform

Eric A. Johnson, Cause-in-Fact After Burrage v. United States

Avidan Y. Cover, Reconstructing the Right Against Excessive Force

Ashira Pelman Ostrow, One Person, One Weighted Vote


Nicole Burt, When Girls Play With G.I. Joes and Boys Play With Barbies: The Path to Gender Reassignment in Minors

Musa K. Farmand, Jr., Who Watches This Stuff?: Videos Depicting Actual Murder and the Need for a Federal Criminal Murder-Video Statute

Elise Holtzman, “I Am Cait,” But It’s None of Your Business: The Problem of Invasive Transgender Policies and a Fourth Amendment Solution