Symposium Articles

Martin H. Reddish, Pleadings, Discovery, and the Federal Rules: Exploring the Foundations of Modern Procedure

Ronald J. Allen, How To Think About Errors, Costs, and Their Allocation

E. Donald Elliott, TWOMBLY in Context: Why Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 4(B) Is Unconstitutional

Richard Esenberg, A Modest Proposal for Human Limitations on Cyberdiscovery


Deven R. Desai, From Trademarks to Brands

Peter K. Yu, Intellectual Property and Human Rights in the Nonmultilateral Era

Case Comments

Lauren Millcarek, Eighteenth Century Law, Twent-First Century Problems: Jones, GPS Tracking, and the Future of Privacy

Giselle Gutierrez, Hurd v. Espinoza: “Third-Party Confidential Information” in Delaware Corporate Litigation

Fay O. Pappas, Wrong Means to an Unjust End? The Eleventh Circuit’s Decision in First Vagabonds Church of God