Forthcoming Works

Volume 67, Number 3 (May 2015)


Henry N. Butler, REMS-Restricted Drug Distribution Programs and Refusals to Deal–An Antitrust Analysis

C. Harwell Wells, The Course of Shareholder Power: From the Antebellum Corporation to the Twenty-First Century

Keith Cunningham-Parmeter, Marriage Equality, Workplace Inequality: The Next Gay Rights Battle

Samuel R. Wiseman, What Is Federal Habeas Worth?

Marco Ventoruzzo & Johannes Fedderke, Do Conservative Justices Favor Wall Street? Ideology and the Supreme Court’s Securities Regulation Decisions


Andrew Daechsel, Is Nonbinding Arbitration in Florida within the Scope of the Federal Arbitration Act?

Rebekah Runyon, Am I Under Arrest? Why the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines Need a Strict Definition of What Constitutes an Arrest


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