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Henry N. Butler, REMS-Restricted Drug Distribution Programs and the Antitrust Economics of Refusals to Deal with Potential General Competitors

The Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act of 2007 (FDAAA) grants the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority to require a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) from drug manufacturers to ensure that a certain drug’s benefits outweigh its risks. … Continue reading

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Volume 67 • March 2015 • Number 2

ARTICLES Albert W. Alschuler, Limiting Political Contributions After McCutcheon, Citizens United, and SpeechNow Alafair S. Burke, Consent Searches and Fourth Amendment Reasonableness Jeffrey A. Lefstin, Inventive Application: A History Onnig H. Dombalagian, Principles for Publicness Kristen M. Blankley, Impact Preemption: … Continue reading

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Alafair S. Burke, Consent Searches and Fourth Amendment Reasonableness

This Article builds on a growing body of scholarship discussing the role of reasonableness in consent-search doctrine. Although the language of “voluntary consent” implies a subjective inquiry into the state of mind of the person granting consent, the U.S. Supreme … Continue reading

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Volume 66 • July 2014 • Number 4

ARTICLES Edward A. Purcell, Jr., Democracy, the Constitution, and Legal Positivism in America: Lessons from a Winding and Troubled History Rachel Arnow-Richman, Mainstreaming Employment Contract Law: The Common Law Case for Reasonable Notice of Termination  Jonathan Remy Nash, Expertise and Opinion … Continue reading

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Fla. L. Rev. Forum

Cara H. Drinan Where Pardons Are Concerned, Second Best Might Not Be So Bad After All: A Response to Chad Flanders Response to Chad Flanders, Pardons and the Theory of the “Second Best” In his article, Pardons and the Theory of … Continue reading

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Derek W. Black, Civil Rights, Charter Schools, and Lessons to be Learned

Two major structural shifts have occurred in education reform in the past two decades: the decline of civil rights reforms and the rise of charter schools. Courts and policy makers have relegated traditional civil rights reforms that address segregation, poverty, … Continue reading

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