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Volume 67 • September 2015 • Number 5

Volume 67, Number 5 (September 2015) ARTICLES Annemarie Bridy, Internet Payment Blockades John Leubsdorf, The Surprising History of the Preponderance Standard of Civil Proof Felix Mormann, Clean Energy Federalism Peter R. Reilly, Incentivizing Corporate America to Eradicate Transnational Bribery Worldwide: Federal Transparency and Voluntary Disclosure Under … Continue reading

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Volume 67 • May 2015 • Number 3

Volume 67, Number 3 (May 2015) ARTICLES Henry N. Butler, REMS-Restricted Drug Distribution Programs and the Antitrust Economics of Refusals to Deal with Potential General Competitors Harwell Wells, A Long View of Shareholder Power: From the Antebellum Corporation to the … Continue reading

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Volume 67 • January 2015 • Number 1

Volume 67, Number 1 (January 2015) ARTICLES Oren Gross, The New Way of War: Is There A Duty to Use Drones? Reid Kress Weisbord, Trust Term Extension Xuan-Thao Nguyen, In the Name of Patent Stewardship: The Federal Circuit’s Overreach into … Continue reading

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Volume 67 • July 2015 • Number 4

Volume 67, Number 4 (July 2015) ARTICLES Dru D. Stevenson & Nicholas J. Wagoner, Bargaining in the Shadow of Big Data Rigel C. Oliveri, Single Family Zoning, Intimate Association, and the Right to Choose Household Companions NOTES Marla Spector Bowman, Docs v. Glocks: Doctors, … Continue reading

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Rebekah R. Runyon, Am I Under Arrest? Why the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines Need A Strict Definition of What Constitutes an Intervening Arrest

Congress provided for the creation of the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines to promote fairness and produce proportional and uniform sentences. The Guidelines provide judges with a guideline range for sentencing based on a defendant’s criminal history score and the offense level … Continue reading

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Andrew Daechsel,Fake Arbitration: Why Florida’s Nonbinding Arbitration Procedure Is Not Arbitration Within the Scope of the Federal Arbitration Act

Does the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA) govern Florida’s nonbinding arbitration procedure? At present, this question is unresolved. As its name suggests, the FAA generally governs arbitration agreements. But the FAA does not define “arbitration,” and the U.S. Courts of Appeals … Continue reading

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