Energy & Utilities Law

Recognizing the Criminal/Civil Divide in the Use of Energy Data

Alexandra B. Klass & Elizabeth J. Wilson

Abstract Response to Professor Matthew Kugler and Meredith Hurley, Protecting Energy Privacy Across the Public/Private Divide In their 2020 Article, Protecting Energy Privacy Across the Public/Private Divide, Professor Matthew Kugler and recent law school graduate Meredith Hurley express concern that the “smart home” revolution poses dangerous privacy risks to homeowners who do not realize that […]

Felix Mormann, Clean Energy Federalism

Abstract Legal scholarship tends to approach the law and policy of clean energy from an environmental law perspective. As hydraulic fracturing, renewable energy integration, nuclear reactor (re)licensing, transport biofuel mandates, and other energy issues have pushed to the fore front of the environmental law debate, clean energy law has begun to emancipate itself. The emerging […]

Sarah Krakoff, Planetarian Identity Formation And The Relocalization Of Environmental Law

64 Fla. L. Rev. 1 (2011)| | Local food, local work, local energy production-all are hallmarks of a resurgence of localism throughout contemporary environmental thought and action. The renaissance of localism might be seen as a retreat from the world’s global environmental problems. This Article maintains, however, that some forms of localism are actually expressions, […]

David Markell and J.B. Ruhl, An Empirical Assessment of Climate Change In The Courts: A New Jurisprudence Or Business As Usual?

64 Fla. L. Rev. 15 (2012)| | | With the demise of climate legislation in Congress, and the Supreme Court’s rejection of climate-related lawsuits brought under federal common law, rapt attention has turned to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) efforts to bring greenhouse gases into the regulatory fold. Certainly, as the works in this special […]