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Gerard N. Magliocca, The Gold Clause Cases and Constitutional Necessity

This Article presents a case study of how constitutional actors respond when the rule of law and necessity are sharply at odds and provides some background on Section Four of the Fourteenth Amendment. In 1935, the Supreme Court heard constitutional … Continue reading

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Chad M. Oldfather, Joseph P. Bockhorst, Brian P. Dimmer, Triangulating Judicial Responsiveness: Automated Content Analysis, Judicial Opinions, and the Methodology of Legal Scholarship

The increasing availability of digital versions of court documents, coupled with increases in the power and sophistication of computational methods of textual analysis, promises to enable both the creation of new avenues of scholarly inquiry and the refinement of old … Continue reading

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Benjamin H. Barton, An Empirical Study of Supreme Court Justice Pre-Appointment Experience

This Article compares the years of experience that preceded each Justice‘s appointment to the United States Supreme Court. This Article seeks to demonstrate that the background experiences of the Roberts Court Justices are quite different from those of earlier Supreme … Continue reading

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Giselle Gutierrez, Hurd v. Espinoza: “Third Party Confidential Information” in Delaware Corporate Litigation

On June 24, 2010, celebrity attorney Gloria Allred sent a letter (the Allred Letter) to Mark Hurd, then the Chief Executive Officer of Hewlett-Packard Company (HP), claiming that Hurd sexually harassed her client Jodie Fisher, a former HP contractor. In … Continue reading

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Lauren Millcarek, Eighteenth Century Law, Twenty-First Century Problems: Jones, GPS Tracking, and the Future of Privacy

In 2004, law enforcement officers began investigating Antoine Jones, a Washington, D.C. nightclub owner, for suspected drug trafficking. After gathering information through stakeouts, cameras, and a wiretap on Jones’ phone, the officers obtained a warrant to place a Global Positioning … Continue reading

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Fay O. Pappas, Wrong Means to an Unjust End? The Eleventh Circuit’s Decision in First Vagabonds Church of God

In 2005, Orlando Food Not Bombs (OFNB), a conglomeration of political activists who advocate a “right to food,” began conducting “food-sharing events” once a week in downtown Orlando, Florida. OFNB distributed free vegan meals in Lake Eola Park to the … Continue reading

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