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D. Daniel Sokol Responding to Antitrust and Information Response to Herbert Hovenkamp, Antitrust and Information Technology In his recent article, Antitrust and Information Technology, …

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Judging Implicit Bias: A National Empirical Study of Judicial Stereotypes

Written by: Justin D. Levinson, Mark W. Bennett, & Koichi Hioki

The 2012 Allen L. Poucher Legal Education Series 
Florida’s Future: A Conversation with Florida Governors

The 2013 Allen L. Poucher Legal Education Series
National Security in a Changing World: From the perspective of an academic, a general, a spy, and Florida Statesman

The 2014 Dunwody Distinguished Lecture in Law
Thirty-Two Years on the Federal Bench: Some Thing I have Learned” – with the Honorable Emmett Ripley Cox

 The 2014 Allen L. Poucher Legal Education Series
“Legalize Marijuana? A Conversations With the Experts”

The 2015 Allen L. Poucher Legal Education Series
“Cybersecurity & Our Digital Lives: A Policy Discussion”

The 2016 Dunwody Distinguished Lecture in Law
“Antitrust and Information Technologies” – with Professor Herbert Hovenkamp, Antitrust Scholar