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The Florida Law Review Endowment was established with the intent of fully funding the general operations of the Review, as well as member scholarships, in perpetuity. Our goal is to raise three million dollars in the Endowment, including a state-matching grant, in order to ensure the adequate funding of future generations of the Review. Our current fundraising drive began earnestly in 2000, and we are one-third of the way toward achieving our goal. As part of this fundraising drive, many Review alumni have realized the importance of this cause, and have come together to support our efforts.

Additionally, current Review members are leading the way in changing the culture of giving to the College of Law by making a commitment to the Endowment. Thirty-three current members have pledged at least $1,000 to the Endowment.

Alumni and students pledging at least $1,000 (payable in annual installments of $200 per year over 5 years) are recognized on the Florida Law Review Endowment Wall in the Law Review Conference Room, which has recently been dedicated the Gray Robinson, P.A. Conference Room.