70 Fla. L. Rev. F. 108 (2018)
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Response to Amy Kimpel, Coordinating Community Reintegration Services for “Deportable Alien” Defendants: A Moral and Financial Imperative

In a recent article in the print version of this Review, Professor Amy Kimpel points out that the United States annually deports hundreds of thousands of unauthorized immigrants, most of them to Mexico, at great cost to the deportees, their families, and the two countries. Kimpel proposes that a broad program of reentry services, many of which would be very similar to those now available for the general prison population,8 be extended to those who are slated for deportation, i.e., undocumented aliens. This Response proposes that, in addition to the measures Professor Kimpel suggests, members of the U.S. academic community could assist Mexican educational authorities by organizing and teaching classes and courses of instruction in Mexico for deportees eager to acquire university-level training. Gaining Mexican educational credentials can enable those deportees who, prior to their deportation, considered themselves college-bound, to envision and perhaps achieve more successful futures in their new country. Read More.