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Michael Risch
Nothing is Patentable
Response to Jeffrey Lefstin, Inventive Application: A History

It is a bedrock principle of patent law that abstract ideas and natural phenomena are not patentable. This idea is hardly controversial, because purely abstract and natural discoveries will not satisfy one of the explicit categories of patentable inventions: machines, methods, compositions of matter, or manufactures.1 Just above the bedrock, however, and controversy abounds when inventors claim the application of abstract ideas and laws of nature. Determining whether a simple application of an idea or phenomenon should be eligible for patenting is no easy task. Read More.

Fla. L. Rev. Forum

Lumen N. Mulligan
We Should Use ‘Cause of Action’ More Carefully: A Review of John F. Preis, ‘How Federal Causes of Action Relate to Rights, Remedies and Jurisdiction’
Response to John F. Preis, How Federal Causes of Action Relate to Rights, Remedies and Jurisdiction

If you are a litigator or a scholar of American civil litigation, I bet you used the phrase “cause of action” in the past week. Despite its ubiquity, few of us know, precisely, what cause of action means. And equally important, few of us know how causes of action interact with the concepts of rights, jurisdiction, and remedies. Professor John Preis takes up these important questions in his latest article. Read More.

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