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The 2015 Dunwody Distinguished Lecture in Law Series

The Florida Law Review was pleased to welcome Amy Howe as the Dunwody Distinguished Lecturer in Law.

If you were unable to attend the event click the link below to view her lecture.

 “Interpreting the Supreme Court: Finding Meaning in the Justices’ Personal Experiences.”

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Kenneth B. Nunn
Ideology, Gentile and Pretrial Attorney Speech: A Response to Professor Tarkington
Response to Margaret Tarkington, Lost in the Compromise: Free Speech, Criminal Justice, and Attorney Pretrial Publicity

Attorneys are officers of the court and essential to the proper functioning of the criminal justice system. In that system, they represent opposing parties with conflicting, indeed adversarial, interests. Should the speech of attorneys be regulated in the American criminal trial process? If so, how can attorney speech be regulated in ways that do not intrude on attorneys’ First Amendment rights or defendants’ right to a fair trial? Can a balance be struck between the Sixth Amendment right to a fair trial and the First Amendment right to free speech that does not impair the ability of either prosecutors or defense attorneys to function as advocates for their respective clients? These are the questions that Professor Margaret Tarkington sets out to answer in her article, Lost in the Compromise: Free Speech, Criminal Justice, and Attorney Pretrial PublicityRead More.

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