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Allen L. Poucher Lecture

The Florida Law Review presents the 2014 Allen L. Poucher Lecture.

The lecture, entitled “Legalize Marijuana? A Conversation with the Experts,” will be held today at 10:00 AM in the Curtis M. Phillips, M.D. Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Florida.

Click HERE to watch the lecture live.

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Chad Flanders
Further Reflections on the Pardoning Power: Reply to Hoskins and Drinan
Response to Zachary Hoskins, Problematic Pardoning Patterns and Cara H. Drinan, Where Pardons are Concerned, Second Best Might Not Be So Bad After All: A Response to Chad Flanders

First, let me express my gratitude to the incisive comments of Zach Hoskins and Cara Drinan. I have long been a fan of Hoskins’s work, and his forthcoming book on the collateral consequences of punishment promises to be pathbreaking. The influence of Drinan’s scholarship on the pardoning power is evident in my original essay and her newer work on the Graham case has again inspired me in new directions in my research. Their comments on my essay are important in their own right, and importantly for me, they have helped to clarify my own thinking. In my brief reply, I begin by restating the main points of the article. I then try to expand on them, building off points made in both responses. 
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